Singer Solution to World Poverty

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The Singer Solution to World Poverty Poverty is a world wide crisis that never ends. Today it seems to be getting worse especially overseas. In the article “ The Singer solution to world poverty” Peter Singer proposes a solution to world poverty. He claims that all the money we spend on luxaries, should be given away. Singers plan would help many of the impoverished overseas but it is also unrealistic and demands too much from american Citizens. The Pros of singers solution is that it would not only decrease the number of poverty stricken people but would also make people realize how unmoral their priorities are. In Singers essay he compares a woman who is selling a child to the organ farm and a man upgrading his perfectly functional T.V “In the end, what is the ethical distinction between a Brazilian who sells a homeless child to organ peddlers and an American who already has a T.V and upgrades to a better one-knowing that the money could be donated to an organization that would use it to save the lives of kids in need?” Here he is saying that buying a luxury is letting a child die overseas. Americans do put too much of a significance on unneeded items. If America regulated Singers proposal, it would positively effect peoples morals and the values they place on a life. Singer also Cites Peter Unger “By his calculation, $200 in donations would help a sickly 2-year old transform into a healthy 6-year old” $200 dollars would seem very inexpensive to most to save a life. If every American who could spare $200 to donate overseas, the number of lives saved would be tremendous. This would also create a ripple effect causing Americans to follow those who donate. The cons of Singers proposal is that it is unethical and would drastically change Americas economy and culture. If Singers plan was conducted we would be focusing too much on improving countries overseas and
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