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The Singer Solution to World Poverty: A Summary In this essay, Mr. Singer attempts to persuade the reader to donate all of their money that exceeds necessity to impoverished people overseas. He opens his essay by using a film summary in which a lady name Dora in the movie sells a boy for $1000. She uses some of the money to buy herself a new TV. After speaking with her neighbor about the true fate of the child, Dora tries to get him back. The writer uses this example to propose that the money we use to consume non essential items could be used to save lives. Next, Mr. Singer begins to question the morality of the average American by comparing them to the lady in the film. He also addresses the some of the projected counterarguments that could arise from his comparison. Mr. Singer admits that one would have to be cold hearted to allow a child to die firsthand, in comparison to someone who shrugs off the responsibility for a child they have never met. However, Mr. Singer shares that he believes that actions should be judged by consequences, and the consequence of both actions is the death of a child. Mr. Singer continues his argument by paraphrasing and example from the works of Peter Unger. In the story, a man named Bob who is close to retirement puts his most of his savings into a rare car which he has not insured. One day Bob is out for a drive and parks his rare car at the end of a railway siding, which later puts him in the position to have to choose between allowing a child to be hit by a train, or throwing the switch and diverting the train which would destroy his rare car. He chooses to save allow the child to die and enjoys the security of owning the car for many years. Mr. Singer uses this example to lure the reader into condemning Bob, then the reader is reminded that they to have the opportunity to save the lives of children and dont. Next, Mr.
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