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Braulio Sanchez 5118986 Singer’s Unrealistic Solution In the New York Times article, “The Singer Solution to World Poverty,” Peter Singer tries to persuade his audience to donate a huge chunk of their annual earnings to charities that assist those children that are impoverished overseas. Singer does this by proposing almost insane, unrealistic ideas, such as donating more than half of their income and only living off of necessities. This, of course, is preposterous because as humans we want to have luxury items such as expensive TVs and fancy cars so we can enjoy our leisure time. When looking at this article its ineffectiveness becomes clear; this article in its entirety is a giant appeal to the readers’ emotions with not enough logical or reasonable arguments to support his argument. Although Singer has strong ethos because of his status as a philosopher, his essay is ineffective due to his misuse of two certain scenarios in order to persuade people to donate by making them feel guilty & relies far too much on pathos to persuade his audience rather than focusing on logos and ethos. He also uses far too many false analogies, which damages his ethos and logos. One of the scenarios Singer misuses is from a Brazilian movie called “Central Station,” which is where a woman is told to lead a young, homeless boy to an address that they would give her and in return she would receive $1000; they also promised to have the boy adopted by wealthy foreigners. After delivering the boy, she purchases a brand new television with the money she earned. Short-lived, her neighbors ruin her fun by exposing their true intentions with the child, which is to kill him and sell his organs. Once she figures this out, she sets out to get the child back. However, he manipulates this source by emphasizing the television set being bought with the unethically earned money whilst

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