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Sins in Heart of Darkness In our world today so many authors cover the topic of the seven deadly sins. Many of these authors represent these through indirect forms in literature, such as fights and other actions from characters; while bringing to light the darker side of man today. Placed in the 1980's,we are introduced to Joseph Conrad's travel through the Congo as his alter ego “Marlow”. Throughout the work the horrors of his time their and the time period in general are unveiled novella. We venture through long journeys , fights ,and many encounters. We are able to see what it actually would have been like for Conrad to travel up the Congo river. In Heart of Darkness ,Conrad incorporated the sins greed,wrath,and gluttony inside his writing Through this novella Condrad uncovers that many people have greed within them, but it only unveils itself in certain situations. When the harlequin is talking to Marlow he brings up that Kurtz had once told him “he declared he would should me unless I gave him the ivory and then cleared out of the country, because he could do so”(Conrad 126). In this quote it uncovers that any man can be greedy in any situation to anyone. Kurtz was threatening to kill the harlequin is he didn’t hand over the ivory, this was the same man who had nursed kurtz through many illness. But even in this altercation it shows how people aren’t greedy. When kurtz asked for the ivory from the harlequin; he gave it to him right away, not thinking anything of it. In a second appearance of greed Marlow is met by a man who is perceived to the be the Managers Spy , then later brings Marlow into his hut, Marlow then contemplated “I perceived that this young aristocrat had not only a silver mounted dressing-case but also a whole candle All to himself”(81). After Marlow walked into the spy’s room ut confirmed the thoughts that he had before . Through this

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