Sin Tax Bill Essay

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Conceptual Framework This study is undertaken to examine the effects of sin tax bill to the consumer and the seller in Batangas City. Moreover, since the ultimate role or objective of a bill is to change for good what is bad. The researchers decided to know what will be the effect6 of sin tax bill. This study focuses on how the sin tax bill affects the day to day life of the Filipino citizen. The bill can cause an increase of sin tax, decrease in demand of tobacco and liquor and the decrease in supply of tobacco and liquor, another can force the increase in revenue of the government and counterpart is the decrease in income of the products and sellers. Lastly, the improvement of self behavior and it fewer casualties to smoker and drinker in related diseases. Meanwhile, the one who can suffer and adjust to the “sin tax bill” is the Filipino’s who is a smoker and drinker of the liquor. These pertinent components include the income, budget, age and the gender of the consumer and the gender of the consumer and the seller. These also show the changes where the consumer and the seller can be affected or the relationship. The paradigm shows the conceptual scheme showing the relationship of the consumer and the seller to the effects of sin tax bill to Filipino people. Independent variable Dependent variable Operational Framework a. Increase in tax b. Decrease in demand of cigarette/tobacco and liquor c. Decrease in supply of cigarette/tobacco and liquor d. Alternative product e. Increase in revenue of the government f. Decrease in income of the g. producer and supplier h. Improvement of self behavior i. It fewer casualties to smoking and drinking related disease. 1. Income 2. Budget 3. Age 4. gender A. Effects of Sin Tax Bill to consumer and

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