Sin Tax Bill Essay

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According to the University of the Philippines, Ten Filipinos die every hour from cancer, stroke, lung and heart diseases caused by smoking while the country loses nearly P500 billion annually from healthcare costs and productivity losses while some 2.5 million people die annually due to harmful alcohol use. This is exactly why Senate Bill 3299, better known as the Sin tax bill was developed. The sin tax bill is a bill that was designed to impose higher taxes on ‘sin’ products such as tobacco and alcohol which will result to higher selling prices which will then result to limiting the intake of both alcohol and the harmful chemicals of tobacco by Filipino citizens. The stakeholder that was assigned to me was Government officials who are pro sin tax bill. These stakeholders believe that the Filipino people must limit their use of tobacco and intake of alcohol. They also believe that revenue collected from taxes on companies producing sin products must be used to improve our country, limit deaths due to intake of alcohol and tobacco, and improve the health of our countrymen. The sin tax bill was developed by Senator Ralph Recto. Senator Recto was a graduate of De La Salle University where he took up business administration. According to the senate of the Philippines, Senator Recto holds the record of being the youngest elected member of the House of Representatives during the 9th Congress. He also holds a record in the congressional election of Batangas for winning in all precincts, barangays, municipalities, including Lipa City in the 1995 and 1998 elections. He was able to get 98% of the votes in those two elections in the 4th District of Batangas. During his three years as a member of the house of representatives, senator recto’s acts with regards to the law, focuses on economic reforms and poverty alleviation. We can only make assumptions on how the Sin tax bill

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