Sin of Lust Essay

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The Sin of Lust Lust is an intense desire for another person or object. You can also have lust for knowledge, sexual relations, or even power. It is a very powerful psychological desire for something that has been around forever and can be traced back to the beginning of time. Animals, however, do not know of lust. This is a human quality that has been passed down through the ages, not necessarily by choice, and has indeed affected millions of us in one way or another. Lust is often thought to be solely sexual, but this is not the case. It is often mistaken for love, but it is actually one of the seven guides to a sinful life. Lust is one of the seven deadly sins, meaning that it is a moral sin. It completely kills the soul and is a one way ticket to hell. Lust does not have to be a physical action. For example, you can physically show lust for a man or woman by engaging in physical and/or sexual acts with him or her. But, on the other hand, lust can be defined as having sexual or envious thoughts toward another by deeply wanting something that they have. But where does lust come from? Lust starts as a simple want but then progresses into an obsession, and that is when it’s easily mistaken for love. Love and lust have been mistaken for generations and as each generation passes, it has become more and more entwined. But, in reality, lust and love are not the same. Lust is a sin and love is a gift. Love is an expression of the desire of the heart and of the soul. It is, without explanation of why you care about another person, that you would do anything for this person without question, and you put them first even above yourself. It doesn’t have to be said or explained, because when you feel it you know. But lust...When a person lusts over you, they don’t genuinely care about you. They just acquire a strong physical urge for you, and that is often mistaken for

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