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Sin Nombre In Cary Fukunaga’s film, “Sin Nombre,” the audience engages in the tormenting but inspiring story of a young Honduran girl and a Mexican ex-gang banger trying to illegally trespass borders into the United States. The film portrays two parallel stories that tie up at the end of the saga. On one hand we have Willy; a young man who belongs to the feared gang of the Mara Salvatrucha in Honduras and recruits a little boy, Benito. After the little boy is initiated, the rest of the members including Willy beat him up. All covered in blood Benito still smiles to his commanders as a demonstration of strength and satisfaction to the “Mara’s” admission. His name is then changed into “Smiley.” Casper’s and Smiley’s journey in the Mara starts off very soon, they were sent by their commanders in search of opposing gang members and ordered to get rid of them. In the other hand, Sayra, the young protagonist from Honduras, encounters her estranged father and uncle to engage on a life-changing journey to the United States as illegal immigrants. The story’s excitement begins when both protagonists meet as Casper tries to escape his doomed fate while Sayra tries to reach her fate, the “American dream.” The movie emphasizes aspects not yet discussed in our course, but still deals with immigration, poverty, and gangs as important concerns to governments and citizens of third world countries. "Sin Nombre" is one of the most powerful foreign films that I’ve seen lately. At times as intense and violent as "City of God" and at others the complete opposite, "Sin Nombre" is a sensitive film about immigration, youngsters in gangs, and the journey for redemption. The performances of the young protagonists are very realistic and simply portrays what living in some Latin American countries could be if you live in poverty and decide to join the wrongful life of hoodlum, gangs, drugs

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