Simularities in the Lives of Frederick Douglas, Malcolm X, and Obama

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Malcolm X, Frederick Douglas, and Obama are all extremely respected African American leaders. None of them were just handed their positions they all had to put in a lot of work to achieve the level of recognition, which their names embrace today. While reading each autobiography I learned that they all had to struggle to get where they are. They faced racism, fatherless childhoods, and poverty, still coming out of their hard lives to become important well known influential figures. Similar events occurred in each one of their lives which was one of the most fascinating things. They each struggled and then achieved something extraordinary. They each started with nothing and learned a very distinct set of skills in speeches, leadership, writing, and decision making. Frederick Douglas was born a slave in Talbot County, Maryland and lived there until he was in the double digits. He was separated from his mother at birth and sent to live with his grandmother. When he was seven he was sent to live with the overseer and never saw his grandmother again. He was the forced to move in with a family named the Aulds. At the age of twelve, Sophia Auld taught Frederick Douglas the alphabet. He was moved from place to place and after the Aulds he was forced to work where he would be beaten on a schedule. He later escaped from slavery by running away jumping on a train and traveling all the way to New York in under 24 hours. He spoke out for human’s rights, women’s suffragist, and many other things. The lives of these three men all started at the bottom of a cliff and they had to climb to the top. Frederick Douglas inspired people and accomplished more than any other African American at the time. Malcolm X grew up without a father as well, his father was killed when he was a kid and he ended up stealing most of his life because his family had no financial support.

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