Simpons and Surpranos Essay

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sons and sopranos 1. I believe that shows like the Simpsons or Sopranos is driven toward the fact that this is what society wants. Even though many kids and teenagers find these shows amusing and hilarious it may not be the best way to influence society. By watching these shows not only are many people doing no physical activity they are also spending countless hours watching shows that don’t benefit them. An example of this is the movie "The Hunger Games" in this movie many people thrive toward the excitement that young individuals are being sent off to their death. You also see children playing with swords and knifes influenced by this so called game causes teenagers to think that if they see negative behavior they can mimic it and do the same which will then lead to violence and create a new massacre. 2. My family has learn to communicate over the years not only by silence but by body language In my family the words "I love you" don't have to be said because we know every one of us loves each other unconditionally. My family for many years has been able to look at me and know exactly how I feel or know the tone of my voice when I seem worried, frustrated or happy, as I can do the exact same for them. Though our family may have their battle the struggles we have gone through have only brought us closer together. 3. Through everything that my family has been through there are not many times where we have gone silent. When a tragedy has happened this is usually when my family communicates the most so we can show each other that no matter what we will always love each other and have everyone’s backs. Silence does not exist in our family because we try to stay as positive as we can with each other even though some days it doesn't seem possible to

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