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Simple things can make a difference Essay

  • Submitted by: borntoshine88
  • on June 23, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Simple things can make a difference" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In the past, Asia was an underdeveloped continent. Nowadays, we are witnessing an encouraging growing Asia with modern technology, smart people, and cooperation between many countries. On the way of development, the youth play a very important role in the society.

  The youth today has greater opportunities than ever before. They are the ones who will continue the work of developing a strong Asia. In order to do that, they need education. Why is that? It’s because education is the key to open the world, in other words, education is the international tool that everyone can use to communicate with each other regardless of where they come from or what language they speak. Education provides everyone a knowledgeable background that will help them to achieve great things. But education doesn’t only mean school; there are many sources that the youth can learn from such as the Internet, the television, things around them. Learning is a two-way job, young people must differentiate what is good and bad to learn, and they will take knowledge and then expand it to a higher level. One characteristic of the youth is that they are very dynamic, so they can make a difference not only to them but also to their countries once they are trained properly.

    One other thing that young people can do is to cooperate with others through volunteer works. For example, in every summer, students from all over Vietnam eagerly participate in volunteer programs to build houses for the poor, build bridges for villagers in the countryside, teach the children…Some of the volunteers even go to other countries to help people there. One person alone can do few things, but many people working hand in hand can burn the candles and share the light to others. Asia is made up of countries; each of them is an important unit. Therefore, we must not leave a single unit behind if we want to build up a strong and creative Asia. We can think of Asia as a body, and each country in Asia is a unit in the...

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