Simple Recipes By Timothy Findley Analysis

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E Diane Braun Dr Candace Fertile English 161 17 July 2014 Unconditional Love Mothers will often do whatever is necessary to protect their families. Is love so powerful that mothers will sacrifice themselves for their family? “Stones” by Timothy Findley and “Simple Recipes” by Madeleine Thien describe two mothers who sacrifice themselves. Even though the approach of the mothers is different, both show that love is necessary for a mother to have in order to put their families before themselves. Lily, the mother in “Stones”, mentioned at the beginning of the story, shows her involvement with her children when Rita, the sister, “asked a girl” (135) to come to the house and mom phones the girls parent to see if it was okay. The mother in “Simple Recipes” is not mentioned until partway through the second chapter when the daughter is sitting on the couch watching “Wok with Yan” (46) with her father. At this time we find out that “While my mother worked” (46) during the day, my father looks after me and my brother, showing the difference between the mother in “Simple Recipes” and Lily, the mother in “Stones”. Lily is more involved with the children during the day whereas the mother in “Simple Recipes” is involved during the evening.…show more content…
When they do, Ben talks about his mother as the comforter. For example, when Ben was worries about “what will happen to us while he’s [father] away” (138), the mother tries to distract him by telling him that “the stars are coming out.” (138) and she asks him to “count them” (138). The daughter in “Simple Recipes” does the same with her mother. When the mother talks to the father, the daughter says they are speaking “in the language I can’t understand” (48) and the father “shrugs his shoulders” (48). The children in both stories show their mothers as having secondary roles in their lives, even though the mothers are the ones that keep the family from coming
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