Simple Present Tense Essay

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Good and Well Done. What is Postmodernism? The word “post modernism” literally means “after modernism”. The idea of post modernism originated in France in mid 20th century. Post modernists, in fact, are skeptics in their reaction to tradition. They lacked a link with old traditions, customs and values.Ppost modernism has its origin in aesthetics and architecture. Postmodernism in fact is “a reaction against abstraction in painting and international style in architecture” (Callinicos 1990:101). Sarup maintains that “there is a sense in which if one sees modernism as a culture of modernity, post modernism is the culture of post modernity” (1993). Derrida as post modernist Derrida is identified as a post structualist as well as a post modernist. His fame rests on Deconstruction. Algerian born philosopher has had an enormous impact on intellectual life around the world. His works has been the subject of almost 400 books and has been cited more than 14000 times in journals over the past 17 years. Derrida‘s deconstructionist works are related to post modernism. Deconstructionism questions dichotomies we live by; such as legitimate/illegitimate,rational/irrational,fact/fiction,observation/imagination.that shows its link to post modernism which itself is the age of doubts and dichotomies. According to

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