A Simple Observational Review of Kate Clarks Perfect Strangers

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The gallery that the exhibition ‘Perfect Strangers’ by Kate Clark is showing at is called Claire Oliver and it is in is located at 513 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001. The dates of showing are November 20, 2008- January 3, 2009. The theme of the show in Kate’s “Perfect Strangers” is “What does it mean to be human?” Kate is interested in our current state of existence she created real creatures found in the world today but gave them human faces. This is showing us that animals are more than just creatures of the wild, just like how we have feelings, are conscious, complex, loving, and intelligent beings so are animals. She is making a statement; we should respect animals and see them as creatures like ourselves and not only as possession, food, or profit but as social beings. The basic layout of the show is several white rooms connecting to each other by door frames or staircases. The sculptures are set up on white blocks placed on the floor of the gallery (the blocks differ in height and width) they are set up in action poses which brings them to life even more. All the rooms are brightly lit and the walls are all painted milk white. There are no other objects (no chairs, paintings, or tables etc.) in present; neither is there background music, nor special effects in the rooms that the sculptures are being shown. It is set up so that all of your attention is focused on the sculptures. The piece I will be reviewing is called “Little Girl” by artist Kate Clark which is part of a larger exhibition called “Perfect Strangers”. The sculpture is made of mixed media (organic and synthetic materials) and its size is 15×28×19 inches. The sculpture is of a brown or auburn fawn laying in a resting pose looking up at the viewer as if pleading to take pity on it. The face is of a human it resembles the face of a child longing to be cared for and who is seeking sympathy

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