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Simple Essay

  • Submitted by: tiaracatalano
  • on November 29, 2012
  • Category: English
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I think that the song “Crazy,” by Simple Plan is a great representation for our generation for many reasons. The song not only has words that mean a lot, but the music video portrays visuals that words can’t describe. The song portrays roles from kids to adults that deal with disrespect, morals or people today, parenting, and priorities. All of these are what we call a zeit geist of our time.
The first verse of the song talks about the priorities of the youth these days and how they are so caught up with the way the look and what others think of themselves. I think that this is very true for society today because people are all about having the latest technology and fashion trends to impress people instead of things that are more important, such as war and poverty that are going on in our country and others.
The next part of the song talks about how there are no more normal families and how there is many marriages for the wrong reason, which goes through a series of events of leading to divorce; which then effects the kids. In the music video kids are shown sad, writing about how they hate their lives; which could be an effect from their parents divorcing. Another key element in the song is when the video shows a morbidly obese family. I feel like in todays society, if you come from a family that has a history of obesity, and their child is fat they have no motivation to lose weight. Which comes to my next point, bad parenting. Parents who suffer obesity don’t try to better their children by teaching them better eating habits and being active. The music video portrays this by showing an obese family and a young child playing “M” rated killing games, instead of going out and being active. I think that this is society’s problem today because parents don’t know how to say no to their kids and there isn’t a lack of punishment.
This then can lead to the next issue this video portrays in our society, lower morals and self worth. This is heavily portrayed in the...

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