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As Simon watches over everyone arguing, his anger builds up more and more. He needs to express his thoughts, he needs to say something…he needs to be noticed for once. That was when Simon finally burst. “Right! I’ve had it with every single one of you pathetic, waste of spaces! Listen…I said listen you inpatient imbeciles! Heh… you don’t like it when I call you imbeciles huh? Well, how do you think it feels to be ignored as if its like you’re being crushed down?! I don’t care if I don’t have the conch, it doesn’t look like anyone went by that rule anyways…or any other rule by that matter! I’ve been watching every single one of your actions… The way you hunt, eat, and the way you jump to conclusions is the way a true coward lives. We are on an island…ALONE! That certainly does NOT give you the chance to go off and act big & mature when you do not even know the meaning! That goes to you, Ralph & Jack! What great role models the pair of you are. Heck, even Sam’n’Eric are more mature than you two! You think you are the most respectful, logical & mature ones here? Oh please, Hugh is so much smarter than you, Jack. Who’s Hugh? Hugh is Piggy. I was respectful enough to ask him unlike any of you fools. Heh…You don’t like to be compared to Hugh do you Jack? Well it’s truth, and the truth indeed hurts I’m afraid. Littluns! Do you want to die?! Well?! No, right? If you want to live, then be the bigger person, and follow Hugh! Be respectful individuals. Pick the right choice. Would you rather live and possibly exit this island in a safe manner? Follow Hugh! If you would rather rot on this island & never see your loved ones ever again, continue following Jack. I’m sure Ralph agrees with me. Well, Jack? Oh, so NOW you decide to shut your annoying, illogical, posh trap! Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.”

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