Simon's Death in Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the flies Simon’s death When the boys begin the dance the sky changes from “The dark sky was shattered by a blue white sky” Golding keeps repeats this twice before and during the time the boys are killing simon, but as soon as simon begins to get killed it begins to rain very heavily “...tore leaves and branches of trees” Golding could be describing the rain in such a violent to give us an idea about the intensity and violence the boys are doing, it could also be Goldings way of showing that murdering simon was a bad thing. He may have done this to replicate what god did to Noah, when he flooded the earth. The rain may also symbolise what the boys are thinking, that they do not truly accept simons death and the rain washing his blood and body away is Goldings way of showing what the boys think about simon's death. Almost as soon as they kill simon and walk away the parachute man begins to fly around in the wind again, which scares the boys as they realise that simon isn’t the beast as he’s dead and the parachute man is still alive. The parachute man is then blown out to see which could symbolise the beast leaving the island. In the two pages Golding refers heavily to water, the rain, the sea and finally the trickle of water, Golding may have put this in to remind us of simons blood which was trickling into the sand. As simon is slowly being washed away Golding uses a lot of light description “The edge of the lagoon became a streak of phosphorescence...”, “...mirrored the clear sky and the angular bright constellations.” Golding may have used these bright images as a contrast to the dark rainy ones he used right after simon was killed, showing that now that simon is being washed away it is a good thing, so simon being washed away could symbolise simon going on to heaven. In the two pages where simon gets killed golding uses violent and powerful

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