Simon: The Most Tragic Figure In Lord Of The Flies

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“Lord of the Flies,” The Most Tragic Figure on the Island “Softly, surrounded by a fringe of inquisitive bright creatures....Simon’s dead body moved out towards the open sea.” It is a tragic end to a tragic life. Simon was undoubtedly the most tragic figure on the island. In three paragraphs, I will explain how tragic Simon is in his death, his being an outcast, and being the only boy who was purely good. Hopefully, you will believe what is written. Simon is also the most tragic figure since he dies a painful death. This is tragic because he died before he could tell the boys about the truth of the “beast,” and the evil within mankind. He could have saved the boys trouble later on if they listened to him. Simon dies being clawed and bitten to death. This is tragic because his death is not quiet or quick, but loud and dragged out. Any human being who did nothing wrong should be allowed a painless death. He dies young. This is tragic because had he gotten off the island, he could have grown up, seen the world, do anything. He could have lived a fulfilling life. Simon is also the most tragic figure since he does not fit in with either group of boys on the island. He does not fit in with…show more content…
He is the only good character since he is the only biggun who acts nicely towards the littluns. This is tragic because, all the other boys, especially Jack, think of the littluns as a “useless lot of cry-babies” (pg. 88). Simon tells Ralph, “You’ll get back alright. I think so, anyway” (pg. 121). This is tragic because Simon is shunned for this, for trying to keep Ralph’s morale up, since Ralph is the chief. Simon is the only character who acts out of the goodness of his heart. This is tragic because none of the other boys has this. Ralph and Piggy act out of the rules of society while Jack and Roger act out of ruthless nature, but Simon acts out of neither and is just naturally
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