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The advertisment is selling rough diamond and malachite Green Bracelets. The company is Simmons Jewlery. The target audience is wealthy people. They are the only ones who have enough money to buy this kind of product. This advertisment is very visually striking. The bracelets are very big, and the way they have been positiioned just off-centre draws our eyes to them. The green colour of the bracelets contrasts very sharply with naked skin of the model. The dark background also provides contrast and makes the model and her bracelets stand out. The model's face also catches our eyes; she is looking straight at us with a seductive expression. The little green outline of the African continent is bottom left of the advertisement is also catching because of its colour and position. It makes us want to read the fine print to find out what it is all about. The advertisment is using beauty and sex to sell its products. The model is very beautiful and her nudity catches our eye. It is interesting to pinder why advertisers have chosen an Asian model for this advertisement. Perhaps the advertisers have a stereotype that Asians are somehow ' exotic', andthey are using that to sell their somewhat exotic product. If you read the fine print of the advertisement, you will realise that the compnay is also appealing to people's consciences. Simmons Jewlery will donate 50% of the net profits from sales of these bracelets to a non-profit interenational organizational that supports educational programs in Africa. Therefore, rich people might feel that their purchase is actually going to help someone. Overall, this advertisement suggests taht if I buy this product, somehow my life will more exciting, mysterious, and exotic. The advertisment suggests that, by buying this jewlery, I will be doing something a little out of the

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