Similarity of Dictator and Bullies

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What does it feel like to have no freedom? Both dictators and school bullies enjoy taking other people’s freedom away. Some people believe that dictators only exist in the political world; others believe dictator is too harsh of a title for someone. Therefore, many people call dictators other names, such as bullies. School bullies, who may seem less dangerous and offensive than dictators, are actually very similar to them in several ways. Whereas dictators are in charge of a huge country and school bullies are in charge of a school, they are both similar in several different ways. One similarity between dictators and school bullies is their personalities. They are very arrogant, regarding themselves as the highest authority out there. They create their own rules and expect people to abide by them, with those that do not being punished. School bullies and dictators do not want to be seen as softhearted, so they are very strict with their rules and consequences. As time passes on and a school bully’s or dictator’s reign becomes longer, they begin to believe their rules are the only rules that exist and forget about the actual law. Soon, they think their laws are the only laws that exist; this causes them to break the regular law or school rules frequently. Dictators can bribe government officials to stay out of trouble, while school bullies can bribe their principal to avoid inconveniences. Another similarity between school bullies and dictators is how they both use violence. To remain powerful, both need to make sure that their followers never make a stand and fight back against them. Physical intimidation, as well as emotional and psychological, is used to frighten followers. Punishments are given out to anybody that opposes them and tries to bring them down. Whatever happens in a punishment is usually set as an example to followers as what will happen

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