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Hadley Ransom 2/21/14 P. 5 Extra Credit Essay Once in a while, you find yourself experiencing something so incredible or surreal that you just can't believe what's happening. But once you step back and re-evaluate the situation, you realize that bad luck just found it's way right to your doorstep. So imagine finding yourself lost at sea for over a year with little to no resources. That is the story of Jose Salvador Alvarenga. The story of the 37 year old fisherman stuck at sea has striking similarities to the popular book and movie, The Life Of Pi. Alvarenga originally set off towards northern Mexico in December 2012 on what he expected to be a short shark fishing trip. When a part of his boat became altered and broken, he drifted until he reached a beach 13 months later. Similarly, in The Life Of Pi, Piscine Motor Patel was on a journey with his immediate family to Canda from India when the ship carrying them and their cargo (animals from the zoo they were selling) had a breach and started to sink. Pi was saved from the ship, but continued to drift further out into the ocean. Both of these individuals also had a companion. Alvarenga was accompanied by a young man by the name of Xiguel. Unfortunately and unlike Pi's unusual companion, a bengal tiger named Richard Parker, Xiguel was said to have not handled the gruesome diet and died of malnutrition. Even the two story's endings are very similar. Alvarenga's terrifying advenure ending with him being found on a beach in relatively good shape. At first, he was reluctant to share his story but it eventually found it's way to the media. Although Alverenga insists that his story is not a hoax, some people are still skeptical about the events that were said to have happened. Similarly, Pi was found on a beach at the end of his adventure and was in relatively good shape. At the end of the book people also questioned

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