Similarities Between Web Dubois And Booker T Washington

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During the age of slavery many individuals had the vision of an equal society. A society were a person was recognized as a human and not as black, white or mulato. They considered a place where everyone can sit in the same restaurant, attend the same educational institutions and have their natural rights; as once stated by John Locke “life, liberty and property”. Many brave members of society set themselves achieving the goal of making equality possible for all. Among them were three men, Coalhouse Walker, W.E.B Du Bois and Booker T Washington. Although they each had different ideas for solving this problem, they all shared the same goal, equality for all. The first main leader was Booker T. Washington. He believed that the blacks should work along with the whites rather than by themselves. Booker T Washington believed that in order to have an equal society the blacks and other minorities that were slaved had to work with and not against the whites. Form a symbiotic relationship where all could benefit and become equal. Once they had training and…show more content…
Dubois focused on Blacks being equal to white in terms of looking smart so that they can get anywhere in their life. He asserted that blacks should be just like whites, with high education which comes from organized reading and writing. He believed that the more smart the blacks got, the more they were equal to whites. He wanted the blacks to have rational maturity in their class so that they can stand equally among whites. He considered that economic security in this society for blacks was not enough and so they should be educated. Dubois took Booker T. Washington's ideas, elaborated them and took them a stride further. Booker T. Washington just wanted the blacks to have opportunities without equality. In contrary, W.E.D. Dubois wanted blacks to have opportunities as well as equality (BOOKS
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