Similarities Between Veteran And Rasquo's War

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Frances Abbene English 28 N. Nevins, M.A. November 4, 2009 Veteran’s war It is one of those days where the weather shifts in and out from being frigid to overwhelmingly dry. I have taken my jacket off for what seems like the fortieth time as I sit, nestled in a back corner of the patio of Coffee bean. I look at the time, and tap my fingers against the table. I look up in time to see John Samuel, a World War II veteran, towering over me with a smile on his face. His crystal blue eyes twinkle and smile, even when his mouth is frowning. The green and blue plaid long sleeve shirt he wears covers up the bruises of old age and keep him warm. He sits down and I order our drinks: lemon chamomile tea for John and Pomegranate blueberry…show more content…
For instance, when he was posted in France, he would walk about the city. “Seeing France, I didn’t really care about the war. At least I didn’t believe in it. I was there because I had to be. But France was so beautiful and foreign…somewhere that you could lose and find yourself, not think about anything and everything all at once.”In a way, the war made John more aware of himself; that he had a reason to live. He had a wife and kid and no way in hell was he going to die before he saw them again. As he liked to phrase it “It wasn’t my destiny.” In Tim O’Briens novel, The Things They Carried, Mary Anne Bell seems to lose her mind in the jungles of Vietnam but she admits it made her aliveand aware of herself and her…show more content…
He says with a sad smile he missed his child’s first words. The war was his life then and it consumed him, but his heart was always somewhere else. John admits “I was scared that I would never come home and I would never get the chance to hold my baby in my arms and kiss my wife’s pretty face.” After the war was over though, John returned safely to Eleanore and Carol. It was not as difficult for him to adjust after being away for so long, mainly because he had a wife that loved him and a family to provide for. There wasn’t any time, he states, to feel sorry for him or think about what war was for him. He had a job to do and that was to provide for his family and be there for

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