Similarities Between Tom And Jay Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby Tom and Jay Gatsby are two very different people and they came two totally different backgrounds. Daisy is forced to choose between them over the course of the book, however the reason she chooses this person is very peculiar. Jay Gatsby came from a very poor, farm family in which he had to work for everything he wanted. Before Jay left to fight in world war one, he told the love of his life to wait for him until he came back. Well when he returned from world war one as a veteran; Daisy had left him for Tom Buchanan. Gatsby was so keen on getting Daisy back; he devoted his life into becoming a very rich man in an attempt to steal Daisy from Tom. After a couple small jobs from working on a boat to a school janitor, he started selling illegal alcohol otherwise known as bootlegging. This job made Jay Gatsby a very rich man, really fast. He was no longer in the poor social class but in the Nouveau Riche social class. Tom was born into an old wealthy family so he really didn’t have to work for what he had. He started out his life by getting the best of everything and he went to Yale with Nick Carroway and joined his yacht club. Tom really had his…show more content…
Tom is a strong type “A” personality. He is a strong decision maker and leader. He is like a go to guy for a leadership role. Tom is a very arrogant, hypocritical bully. Whenever daisy does something wrong he goes and beats her. At one of Gatsby’s parties early in the book, Tom punches myrtle in the face. So he is almost an abusive type character. Tom is very racist and sexist to top it all off. Jay is more of the laid back follower. He does not make all of the big decisions. Jay is also like a poser. He wanted to look like whatever daisy liked instead of what he really was. Jay through big parties and bought a big yellow Rolls Royce just because he thought that Daisy would like

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