Similarities Between The Lottery And Young Goodman Brown

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Ever since I was in High School, two of my favorite short stories have always been “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathanial Hawthorne. The plot of both of these stories keep the readers entertained and sitting on the edge of their seats. In the story Young Goodman Brown, a man takes a journey through the forest and appears to comes face to face with the devil himself. In this forest, he finds out that leaders in his church, his wife and even his father have become associated with the devil. He wakes up the next morning and was obviously changed by one event doubting the sincereity in everyone around him. It effected him for the rest of his life. It is hard to tell whether this was a dream or not, but it impacted him enough for him to think a certain way even into his old age. Young Goodman Brown always amazed me because the first time I read it was in 2001 during my 8th grade English class. Tomorrow is September 11th and will be eleven years since that tragic Tuesday morning. I know so many people who were changed by that day and were effected in the worst way. I know some people that turned…show more content…
Young Goodman Brown acts the way he did because of experience. This town acts the way they do based on tradition. The similarities between their behaviors are so uncanny that you can understand why it is so important for a Christian to continue to fill their spiritual life with the right stuff each day. What if just one person decided to talk to Young Goodman Brown about his experience? What if one person decided to stop the Lottery and explain how primitive it is to murder someone for the sake of entertainment? Both of these stories challenge me to make sure that everything I do is not because someone else told me to or because past events have formed my present behavior. My actions are dictated by my Savior and my own

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