Similarities Between The Lottery And The Masque Of The Red Death

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Symbols of Horror Edgar Allen Poe and Shirley Jackson create a distinctive mood and tone in their plot and setting. The authors use the setting to create suspense in the outcome stories. While both authors have similar ways of creating the mood and tone, their writings stand out on in different ways. Shirley Jackson in “The Lottery” and Eager Allen Poe in “The Masque of the Red Death” start on an uplifting note with hints of the true meaning in the characters names, the colors in the stories, and numbers. They use clues throughout their stories. At the beginning the story “The Lottery” the reader becomes aware there is a lottery, but the purpose of the lottery remains a mystery. People in the town are visiting, creating small talk…show more content…
In the “Masque of the Red Death” Poe goes into detail on each room. He also arranges the rooms in a significant sequence. The blue room is located in the east, where the sun rises, and the black room is located in the western part of the palace, where the sun sets. The east, where the sun rises symbolizes birth and in contrast, the west where the sun sets symbolizes death. Same goes for “The Lottery”, the old black wooden box, which black represents death and revolves around the evil acts of the past and of the future. When Mr. Summers, the lottery’s overseer, asks for two assistants to help with the black box they hesitated. They were aware that the fate of someone’s life lies in the box. The characters names give of a great importance in both “The Lottery” and “The Masque of the Red Death.” In “The Lottery,” Joe Summers, who is a powerful man in town, describes the vigorous effect of the season. Mr. Graves foreshadows death and burial there was also Mr. Warner, he warned the people of the unknown danger in stopping the lottery. In “The Masque of the Red Death” Prospero is meaning prosperous. Prospero was a dominant figure in the beginning of the
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