Similarities Between Simon Birch And Elie Wiesel

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Power of Choice Imagine being raised in Kenya, Africa. Where poverty is high and resources are low. Every single day you wake up knowing you will be facing multiple obstacles. Whether it be walking 10 miles just for a gallon of water or starving so your sibling won’t starve. There are some many difficult obstacles that people all over the world deal with. Only a small percentage of those people can relate to Simon Birch and Elie Wiesel. With Simon’s physical disability and Wiesel’s terrifying experience as a proud survivor of the Holocaust. As shown through Simon Birch directed by Mark Steven Johnson and Night by Elie Wiesel, confidence, loyal friends and belief in god allow Simon Birch and Elie Wiesel to persevere despite the seemingly insurmountable…show more content…
Throughout the movie, Simon Birch is constantly made fun of by the other kids because of his physical disability. Simon’s confidence is important because without it, Simon would let the bullying tear him apart. Instead he ignores the mean comments and acts as if he is just like everyone else. As the Holocaust continued, Wiesel expressed some confidence and always believed in his father. It was very important that Wiesel was confident during this time because the Holocaust exposes him to the deepest inhumanity of which man is capable. If Wiesel were to become lost in the death of the Holocaust then her outcome may have changed for the worst. In Simon Birch, when the school bus full of little boys and girls ran off the road and crashed into the lake, Simon took charge and directed the kids off the bus. He saved every single student, including the unconscious chaperon. Simon Birch’s confidence plays a huge role in that scene because the young kids started to panic and without Simon’s authority, it would’ve been fatal. Even though Simon has a physical disability and doesn’t look the same as everyone else, he probably has more confidence then most. Through all the hardships Simon Birch and Elie Wiesel faced, their confidence is what allowed them to
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