Similarities Between Mccarthyism And Salem Witch Trials

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Salem Witch Trials | Both | McCarthy Hearings | took place in 1691 citizens were accused of being witches over 20 people were executed was started by young girls cause of false accusation was to gain land took place only in Salem | damaged the reputations of respectable citizens witches/communists were scapegoats for the problems of the town/country untrue accusations accusations were made for personal gain were the result of a sense of panic | took place in the 1950s citizens were accused of being communists no one was killed, many people lost their jobs was started by McCarthy cause of false accusations was in order to gain support took place throughout the United States | McCarthyism and Salem Witch Trials Essay There is a saying that those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. This is the case for many events in history which closely parallel each other, as the people facilitating them did not learn from other's mistakes. One very notable case of this type of situation can be seen in the similarities between McCarthyism and the Salem Witch Trials. Though the two events were very different, their fundamental similarities are impossible to ignore. McCarthyism was an event that took place in the…show more content…
In Salem, Massachusets, tensions were high due to recent violence in surrounding colonies. People were eager to find a scapegoat for all of their anxiety. Then, they were given one. A few of the town's young girls fell ill, and suspicion fell on Tituba, a Barabadian housekeeper. The townspeople accused her of bewitching the girls. The girls, intrigued by the excitement they could stir up, backed these accusations, and also accused some other women, men, and even dogs of witchcraft. These people were put on trial, and most were sentenced to death with little or no evidence. In total, over 20 people were

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