Similarities Between Malcolm X And August Wilson

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Stacy Keith September 1, 2013 American Dream In the readings of Malcolm X and August Wilson their understanding of the American Dream was very much the same. Malcolm X’s vision was of a world of universal brotherhood in which each person would be respected and loved as a child of God. He was opposed to racism, male supremacy, religious intolerance, capitalism, and all its manifestations. Malcom X had a vision and that was an American Revolution for all of us. August Wilson wanted to show and hopefully help people to understand and realize the sacrifices and the struggles African American’s went through decade by decade.…show more content…
Throughout Troy’s life he never would believe that times had changed because that would mean accepting the death of his own dream. By not facing his problems and accepting the way life was back then to the way it is now Troy destroyed the future of his son’s dream. In the end he ended up destroying the relationships he had with his family. Racism can have everlasting effects on people and Troy Maxson is an example of this. African Americans have hopes and dreams just like any other person and should be given the opportunities in life to achieve the American dream. Malcolm X died fighting for this cause. He was a man of strong words and beliefs and one of the greatest civil rights activists in history. Malcolm X was a major contributor to black societies across the world. He fought for what he believed in. In doing this he gained the upper hand of the African American culture by giving them the hope that one day they would be a part of what he called, “a white man’s
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