Similarities Between Jehovah Witness And Christianity

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Jehovah Witness and Christianity The belief system of a Jehovah Witness, in comparison, is like those of Christianity when only momentarily glanced at. Any person could easily mistake the two for the same religion, just different sects or denominations. However, in reality, they differ quite profligately. The enigma that we find between these two groups is they both claim to be “Christian.” Christianity has many sects; nonetheless, a Jehovah Witness is not one of those. Jehovah Witness stands alone claiming to be the only “true Christians,” while all the other Christians are not truly Christian according to them. Jehovah Witnesses believe in one God. They believe God is a spirit with a body, although…show more content…
These range from simple religious followings such as each individual needs to go into the community and attempt to spread the word of their teachings at least three days a week, men are not allowed facial hair, all the way to how to lead their lives and whom they can and cannot speak to. Christians have 10 main commandments (rules) that all sects or denominations follow. None of these prohibit any such thing like which people they can or cannot speak to, but instead the Christian religion encourages followers to speak to others no matter who they are or what their background is. Christianity encourages its followers to also go into the community and spread the word of God, but does not put a number of days a week you must do so in order to be a part of their faith or be…show more content…
Although many of their beliefs and rules may seem outrageous to people of a different faith the believer adheres to these practices in order to become closer to Jehovah. They believe that the restrictions and rules are necessary in order to be a true Christian and be saved. As for the challenges they face there are many. There rules are strict and punishment for breaking them is as well. As well as rules for when, how often they must worship and go into the community. Nonetheless, they believe that this is a necessity in their life and for their salvation. While speaking to both of the people that were interviewed they seemed to have almost the exact answers as the other. This religion is very strict and does not have room questions nor does it have room to have different answers. They all read the same material, and as it is in my paper earlier even questioning what they are told has severe consequences. They both told me that their religion has no room for questions, and if there is one that arises then the books they read explain it clearly to them. They also said that unlike the “Christian” beliefs, which are consistently questioned and explained, they do not think that way. What is said is law, and what is written is

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