Similarities Between Frederick Douglass And Ali

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Oppression Fighters Frederick Douglass and Ayaan Hirsi Ali lived remarkably similar lives. Douglass was a former slave turned abolitionist who lived in America in the mid 1800’s. Ali is an agitator for Muslim women’s rights, and is still active today. As stated in “The Weekly Standard Parallel Lives” by Claudia Anderson.[1] Early in there lives both Douglass and Ali where oppressed and made the decision to run away for freedom using fake names. Both used reading to broaden their horizon which would later give them the heart and desire to fight for there freedom. Later this translated into there great skill of public speaking, which would tremendously help their cause of rights for there peers. They both believed in a higher education and both pursued it. Later they received lots of success for there speeches and the lives became threatened forcing them to find refuge in another country.…show more content…
Douglass was married and had two children, while Ali is single and has no kids. Douglass was a supporter of the civil war; Ali is against fighting and promotes peace. Both have different relations with there families, Douglass did not know his father well as he was his master, Ali lost her sister at a young age but is still in contact with her mother. Douglass lived to see his goal of abolishing slavery, only time will tell if Ali can have a similar affect for Muslim women. That is the relation of Frederick Douglass and Ayaan Hirsi Ali life stories. They had both some similarities and differences but both fought for the rights of mankind, and tried to make the world a better
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