Similarities Between Frankenstein And Elephant Man

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Mehreen Farooq Period 4 The Elephant Man (Extra Credit) In society, people are often looked down upon or mistreated because of their differences. They are often judged based on their outer appearance. Sometimes physical imperfections can lead to staring, harsh treatment, and even social inequalities. In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Thomas Gibbons' Elephant Man, two men were treated as outcasts because of society's prejudice towards people who are physically different. Frankenstein’s Creature and the Elephant Man are both outcasts, thrown into a world where all despise and run in terror upon seeing them. When the creature tells his story of the day he escaped, he was confused and stumbled upon civilization where everyone screamed “monster” in horror. John Merrick was also ridiculed throughout the movie from being a circus act and later a peep show for local drunks. The book and the movie both take place in bad weather such as rain and knight to create a mood of fright. They are both abused by their owner, the creature was abandoned to learn for himself and Merrick had a Circus master who would beat him. Both of them grew up only seeing fear and hatred but soon became civilized as they were introduced to kind people. Learning how to read and write was something both of them took great pride in. Their ability to speak helped them seek out and attempt to fix their problem and where both frightened of first impressions. In the end, they accomplish what they wanted and no longer have a purpose to live. The two Monstrosities where very different in how they were raised. The creature from Frankenstein was left to fend for himself. He escaped the attic where he was created and fled far away only to realize he should stay far from civilization.…show more content…
Merrick and the Creature were both social outcasts but they learned how to deal with their disabilities and adapted to

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