Similarities Between France And French Imperialism

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Imperialism France and Japan are two of the world’s most important countries. Not only are they economically and militarily strong, they are also very politically influential. These two countries would not be in the position they are now without their success in expansion through imperialism. Both have a great history in imperialism. France has imperialized many African countries on Africa’s west coast as well as many islands along Africa, which they used throughout their trading route. Japan mainly imperialized Manchuria. Both Japan and France have justifications for their imperialism. These justifications have been expressed in two historical documents. The first is a speech given to the French National Assembly from Jules Ferry. The second is a document featuring Okawa Shumei and Hashimoto Kingoro, who are addressing the importance of Japanese expansion. Though the positions of both countries differ they are also very similar. In this essay I will address the similarities and differences of Japan and France’s imperialism policies. Perry justifies France’s imperialism by saying that it is god’s will for France to represent Europe. Ferry puts…show more content…
They are similar in the fact that both nations believe that it is predetermined that their particular nation should develop undeveloped land in order to expand and utilize the abundant natural resources that are present in these areas. They differ in the fact that France and Japan have completely different motives and explanations. On one hand France believes it is there divine right to develop and create order in places that are inhabited by inferior races. On the other you have a Japan that feels that underdeveloped countries and nations are owed to them since the white race has developed many countries that were previously underdeveloped. Both seize opportunity for territorial expansion in multiple
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