Similarities Between Equilibrium And 1984

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Throughout time stories of dystopian societies have been written and loved by people. Among the dystopian-themed stories, two have stood out, with governments that had no weaknesses or faults. Although Equilibrium and 1984 share ideally the same concepts, they also differ in the relationships the characters maintain, the conflicts the characters face, and the governmental control each society has. The relationship Preston shares with people in Equilibrium is very different from 1984. Preston actually cares and loves his wife, and when she was taken and killed, Preston attempted to fight and save his wife. After Preston’s wife was executed, Preston and his son were emotionally torn, both easing off of their doses. Preston also becomes emotionally torn after killing his best friend and starts to question Father’s ways. Father also develops a sense of trust for Preston, after countless excuses, and shares a relationship with him.…show more content…
Big Brother has two classes of society, Proles and Party Members, in which they both must follow certain guidelines of life, and doing otherwise has people look at you oddly. Big Brother uses Telescreens to monitor everyone in society, has undercover Thought Police watching everywhere, and has trained citizens, even family, to turn on one another if signs of treason appear. Big Brother also attempts to “cure” its people and make them love Big Brother, before assassinating them. In many ways Equilibrium and 1984 have the indestructible totalitarian governments, and would never have fallen. The two governments in these stories are very similar in ways they controlled the people and eliminated resistance. Both protagonists faced ideally the same conflicts and relationships, and both took necessary actions to attempt to take down the dystopian rule. Though time will change, and other Dystopian novels will be written, 1984 and Equilibrium maintain the strongest cores of the

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