Similarities Between English And Spanish Colonization

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Although both groups had similar purposes for their explorations, they have different goals, the achievements and failures. were more concerned with colonization, debtors and prisoners to get rid of the old world, and to achieve religious freedom. Spanish and English explorers to support the newly settled colonies need to make some sort of revenue.They also harvesting sugarcane, "rich man's crop", investment and although it took hard work and labor, and slaves require a large amount of work, it was still a source of income. They also set up foreign trade. Central and South America had settled in Spanish, the English chose to explore North America.Either find it or steal gold, or by serving as a trading post was established to make money.Tobacco proved to be easy to develop and bring in a great deal of revenue for the colony. (Notes) Missionary purposes were quite similar for both Spain and England. Both countries were interested in spreading Christianity. Although the Spanish people of God, which they tried to spread their religion, at least so far as it was righteous.The cathedrals and religious monument…show more content…
(Textbook) religious balance of power for decades as Protestants fought Catholics seesawed.After Ireland joined the religious war, the English explorers set out to establish colonies in the New World. These colonies reaching religious freedom was their last hope. The similarities between the Spanish and English explorers was their relationship with the Native Americans. Spanish is brutal, and find treasure and the country and the people were obsessed by the idea of winning their habitat. Most of the men, the club 160000 Spaniards subjugated millions of Indians.The biggest problem was the Spaniards their thirst for gold and treasure.An Aztec "he mightily for gold; thirsted that can be quoted in saying they stuffed themselves with it, they are hungry for
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