Similarities Between Cowboys And Indians

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Cowboys and Indians/ Unto Dust Nick Pratt Cowboys and Indians and Unto Dust had both different types of racist and prejudice views. It was very noticeable that in those times, very early in the developing of races, money and goods meant a lot to the people who were not in power. As mentioned in Cowboys and Indians, $2.00 meant a lot to the chief, although they were not directed properly, they still wanted their money. When the kafir people were being abused in that time they tried standing up for themselves and that, in turn, lead to death by the middle class burghers. The suppressed anger of the burgher people made them racist towards the people of different skin color. Cowboys and Indians could have been perceived in many different ways. Many white people may still feel how the white people felt back then. As times have now changed, many of the white population have now accepted the native populations. This short story obtains many facts about how the white people were racist towards the Indians. They had thought of Indians in a very stereotypical way. This may have opened many minds because of the advancement of Indians was not…show more content…
The main idea of the story was that you really can't judge people by their color, they are all going to the same place when they die. Many people don't think of this in depth even though it is very important. The burgher people had something against the kapirs, mostly because of the skin color. Being racist does not solve anything, only death and cruelty. The burgher people were the middle class german and dutch people, morely so the whites, while the kapirs were the more islamic, poorer people, just trying to make themselves something in their life. AS in Cowboys and Indians, the less rich people always want to make the best of theirs and their families life, while the white people more than likely want to make the lives of people lower than them

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