Similarities Between 'Brothers Are The Same And' Through The Tunnel

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here is always a step or obstacle that a child has to over come to become a man. In “Brothers Are the Same,” Temas has to kill a lion to become a man in the Masai tribe. His enemy watches close by to see that Temas show no fear. He still shows fear and needs help accomplishing this manly task. In “Through the Tunnel,” Jerry must swim through an tunnel underwater. By the end of the story, Jerry accomplishes his goal. Coming of age is a child becoming a man. In these stories there are two different tests, but the both are testing if they are a true. The parts of the test are very different. In the stories they both are risking there life’s which is a good test for becoming a man, because then if you do not pass you are dead. Both of the reasons…show more content…
They are both doing the test so they can fit in. Temas is doing it so he can fit in with the Masai tribe and Jerry is doing it so he can fit in with the local boy’s who were doing it earlier. When in the test they both only get one try at the test. If Jerry does not reach the end of the tunnel before he can still breathe he will die. If Temas does not kill the lion it will kill him and even if he friends save him from the lion he will be looked down upon for not killing the lion by himself. The reasons were different because Temas did it to impress Kileghen and so that when they are moving the cattle if a lion attempts to kill them they will kill it first. They must know how to kill the lion with know else’s help so that when it counts they can do it by themselves. He wanted to impress Kileghen so that she would not like Medoto anymore, but him instead. Jerry’s reasons were different because he did it to only prove to him that he could do it, and to prove that he could be a man and do something without his mom. Temas completed his test to prove to his tribe he was a man, but as I just said Jerry did it for only himself. In Temas’s and Jerry’s test the person how assigns the test and who made the rules are two very different people. For Temas’s test his tribe was the one to assign the test and they were the ones to decide the rules. The rules for the Masai tribe were all the same. They had to find a lion, they had to make it pick them, and they had to kill it. This is very different form Jerry’s test because Jerry was the one to make the test and he was the one to decide the rules. The rules of Jerry’s test are pretty simple all he has to do is make it through the tunnel. The local boy’s kind of assigned the test when they swam through the tunnel and found out that Jerry was not going through left like saying that they were to good for

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