Similarities Between Apollo and Holden Essay

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Mythology Apollo Compared to Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye Apollo is the well-respected son of the god who wields the deathly and powerful thunderbolt, Zeus, and Leto, his wife. Apollo, also known as Phoebus, expresses a variety of appealing traits and actions. He is trusted to deliver the truth in a very ambiguous style that would be effortlessly believable to many. Although he is spoken of as an admirable god or “God of Light”, his flaws, nonetheless, have been conveyed to the audience as well. They speak of Apollo of bearing numerous names such as The Sminthian, God of Lycia, and The Mouse God. He earned the title Mouse God because of insufficient detail that questions his brutality towards mice. In many ways, Salinger’s Holden Caulfield can be comparable to his equivalent Titan. However, Holden is not as well praised as Phoebus; he still somewhat expresses subtle goodness, truthfulness, and a strong connection with a very close sibling. Holden constantly refers to inadequate people as phonies and believes that his job is to correct their attitude and way of life. He admits this to his beloved sister, Phoebe, and it seems quite evident that he does attempt to adjust the lives of others. In the eleventh chapter of Salinger’s novel, Holden has an intriguing conversation with a cab driver which is about fish not being able to survive in a frozen lake. Moments after the conversation, the cab driver, Horwitz, resumed his debate over the fish and said, “‘If you was a fish, Mother Nature’d take care of you, wouldn’t she? Right? You don’t think them fish just die when it gets to be winter do ya?’”(Salinger 83). With this basic information the reader can infer that Holden unconsciously promoted Horwitz’ thoughts on the topic because, most likely, it was somehow related to him otherwise, he would not have recommenced the

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