Similarities Between 'Allegory Of The Cave And A Separate Peace'

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Anna Gerteisen English II- 4th period Coach Mulligan January 15, 2013 Ignorance Lies assist people to shade them from the truth because the truth hurts people’s feelings and often pertains consequences, which may never be forgiven. Apparent in “Allegory of the Cave” and “A Separate Peace” the people hidden from the truth ended up better off. Ignorance simply means a person does not have the knowledge or is unknowing without being aware of this. The people in the novel appear happier when they are shaded from the truth, which hurts inside. Blissful ignorance that shone clearly in “A Separate Peace” and “Allegory of the Cave” because coming into the light often has consequences. Blissful ignorance often becomes useful because the truth hurts. Many times the…show more content…
Telling the friend the truth about a mistake ends up hurting them and their feelings without intentionally doing this. Fights occur because of one mistake and a friend never forgiving. Sometimes a small white lie helps to build up rather tear the relationship apart. In “A Separate Peace” Finn, Gene’s best friend, and Gene, Finny’s best friend climb a certain tree to jump off into a river. One day Gene and Finn climb the tree together, Finny going, first but Gene thinks of this horrible action and pushes Finny out of the tree. Finny doesn’t remember anything and still believes that Gene would never do him wrong and would always be loyal. The guilt eats Gene alive. One day the truth comes out. Finny storms off unable to walk well because of his injury falls down the stairs and later dies in the hospital on the same night. This proves that while Finny unaware of the circumstances, he was happier while thinking he had a loyal best friend someone he could trust and count on. Finny now aware of the exposed true had nothing left. Finny lost the ability to play sports, his best friend, and didn’t have the ability to make decent

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