Similarities And Differences Of Skittles And Starburst

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Skittles and Starbursts have many similarities and differences. They are both very vibrant and sweet with fruitful flavor but Skittles have a hard shell while Starbursts is fruit chews. Skittles are miniature, fruitful, hard-shell candies. They are circular in shape with a soft chewy inside. One-quarter cup of Skittles equals two grams of fat. There is also five milligrams of sodium, thirty-two grams of sugar, and one hundred and seventy calories in one-quarter cup. Starbursts are small, square fruit chews. They are very sweet and get softer as they stay in your mouth. Eight Starbursts have twenty-five grams of fat and twenty threw grams of sugar. Eleven Starbursts have one hundred and sixty eight calories. Both candies are sweet, fruitful

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