Similarities Between Hispanic And American Culture

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Cultural differences and similarities characterize human societies everywhere in the world. Often, we do not examine our own cultural ideals and customs until we are exposed to another culture. The Hispanic and American cultures have many similarities and many differences. The topics I have chosen to explore are marketplaces, the use of last names, the custom of taking naps, and family structure. El Mercado. The marketplace in Spain and Spanish speaking countries is a lively and colorful place. People come to the marketplace to shop, socialize, taste local foods, and watch street performers. The numerous stands and booths sell every kind of merchandise from food and drink to clothing and souvenirs. The customer is often expected to reject the first price that is asked and to haggle with the vendor until he or she reduces the price. America also has marketplaces; they are called flea markets and they sell many of the…show more content…
Most Hispanic people use two last names. In Spanish, a last name is not called a last name it is called apellido or “surname” in English. Spanish surnames are usually composed of the father's surname followed by the mother's surname. Hispanic women usually do not change their last names when they get married. Whereas in America we have one last name and when a woman gets married it changes to her husband’s last name. La Siesta. In the early hours of the afternoon, when the intense heat of the sun discourages physical activity, people take a rest period, la siesta. Business people shut their doors at about one o'clock and go home to eat lunch with their families. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day and a time for the family to gather together. After lunch they nap or do other family activities then return to work at about four o'clock when it’s cooler. In America we are too busy and consumed with time to stop working and eat lunch with our families. We do not leave work to go home and take a nap or do other

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