Similarities and Differences Between Waknuk and the Modern World

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Similarities and Differences between Waknuk and the Modern World Snimar Bali 11A November 10th, 2013 English Comprehensive Focus 30S Ms. Tralic Imagine living in a society where being distinct is looked down upon. Growing up to feel alienated, unappreciated, and despised; being separated from your family and loved ones and forced to move to a place that is not familiar to you. David Strorm lives this reality through the course of the novel, The Crysalids, where he witnesses a society not very different from ours today. Growing up in a post-apocalyptic world like Waknuk was not easy for a person like David. By being different you were considered to be, “God’s mistake” and were victimized for your deformity and sent to live in the Fringes. In the novel, we recognize a similarity that parallels our modern society, yet in the realm of the novel, punishments and consequences are significantly more severe. These similarities and differences are demonstrated throughout the novel, by the actions of individuals; their moral values and beliefs dealing with religion, and the concept of love. Growing up in the twenty-first century, many are very accepting of the diverse and unique people there are. By being a different race, worshipping another religion, or by looking a different way, people are raised to be culturally accepting of others. Being born into a place such as Waknuk, people are raised into believing there is only “one true image” of God. David Strorm lives his life in fear, too worried to tell his religious parents about his telepathic powers. “The ways of the world were very puzzling,” (Wyndham, 14). Many would argue that the people of Waknuk are very judgemental in the way they view others but who are we to criticize when we are no different. Even though we live in a society where everyone is accepted, we do not always follow the rules as to treat

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