Silver Ships Case Analysis

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1) What are the key elements of Silver Ship’s strategy? Which of the generic strategies is the company pursuing? Silver Ships’ strategy involves innovation, quality, and location. They provide customers with top quality, uniquely designed ships. They pride themselves in being able to build custom boats with the most superior materials available. They have unique designs that allow for optimal comfort, reliability, safety, and functionality. These designs can be seen in 3D by the customer before the ship goes into production, to ensure it not only meets, but exceeds their expectations. They also have technology in place that determines the most efficient way to produce parts, ensuring the least amount of waste is made. They have even recovered costs from waste through scrapping. Their location is greatly beneficial in reaching many potential customers. They are within close proximity of the U.S. Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Gulf Coast municipalities. This is an advantage because of easy communication and transporting resulting in less costs. It also benefits in marketing, as their primary means of marketing is word of mouth, and boat shows. The quality and innovation they provide, their prime location, and their efficiency are all part of their strategy allowing them to exceed customer expectations, remain competitive in the business, as well as making the business profitable and able to grow. Silver Ships is pursuing focused differentiation. They make customized products, which are not widely distributed, that customers are willing to pay extra for. 2) Explain the competitive pressures facing the aluminum military and workboat industry. What can a five-force analysis tell us about the nature and strength of the competitive
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