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AP World History Period 2 Silver DBQ One simple thing can either lead to paradise or complete destruction. The emergence of silver from the mid-sixteenth century to the early eighteenth century changed the world in a great way economically, but it also made social life blow up and become a lot worse. Countries who had great amounts of silver flourished well economically where countries lacking silver struggled in affairs. Socially, silver caused hard labor and corruption in daily life. There was nothing better for a country economically than owning massive amounts of silver. Europe is a prime example of this, especially countries like Portugal and Spain. In document 4, Portugal manipulated Asian countries such as China and Japan to profit in silver. Portugal would trade goods such as silk to Japan for bucket loads of silver, and then they would go to China and buy the same things back for a cheaper price than what they originally sold it for. No country can complain when their silver account balance is sky rocketing. Portugal can buy whatever they want now because of this never ending supply of silver. In document 7, China made out well in the economic side of things too. They also manipulated who and what they traded in order to profit as much as they could. China mostly traded goods for goods, but when they entered Spanish territories the Philippines; they would only trade their goods for silver in return. Spain leads the way in silver production causing prices to be very high since it was easy access. China took advantage of this by selling goods for three times their original price in other areas of the world. Since China benefits so greatly from this trade, they become and economic powerhouse with all the silver they save up. They earn so much silver that it eventually turns into the common medium of exchange. Document 8 truly sheds light on how wealthy the

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