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Silent House Ch.1 It was late at night and Kyla Sanden was on her bed doing her calculus homework. Kyla was a 16 year old sophomore who went to a prep school in New Jersey. She was a straight A student. She never had to pick up a book. Always got 90s and higher. She was in the middle of doing her homework when her phone rang. She reached for it on her nightstand. "Hello?" "Hey." "Sammy?" "Yeah." "Hey, what's up." "Wanna come over?" "I'd have to ask my parents beca.." "Kyla. It's Friday night. Come on. Live a little." "I still have to ask them." "Just say your coming to my house and you'll be back around 4 tomorrow. Please? For me?" "I… Fine." "Yes! See you soon?" "I'll call you before I leave." "Alright awesome." she hung up, and went downstairs. "Mom? Dad?" There was a crash in the living room. She walked towards the room. Then the basement door opened. She scowled. As she went to see what was down there, something. Someone, grabbed her, putting a hand around her mouth to prevent her from screaming. She turned around. "Oh my god. Michael!" "Hi babe." "You scared the SHIT out of me!" "I'm sorry.. I thought it was kind of funny." "Don't do it again." "How was your day?" He said, kissing her neck. "It was actually pretty good. How about you?" "I've missed you all day long. I texted you and said I love you, but you didn't answer. Why?" "I was taking a test? It was 10:30. I had a test that period." "Oh. I had a free. Did it go off?" "It was on vibrate but Mr. Shelling didn't hear it thank God." "Yeah. I'd say. So… You wanna… Come over to my house?" He said wrapping his arms around her. "I… Sammy invited me over." "Okay. How about we go to her place and then mine. How's that sound?" "Good." He smiled. "I have to get some stuff in my room." "Can I come?" "Yes." She took his hand, and led him up the staircase. She went to her phone. 5 missed calls from her mom, 3 from her

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