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Arguementative essay on the princess bride and The Silent Gondoliers The Princess is a book written by William Goldman, under the embridgment of S’Morgenstern. It is about A farmer’s daughter, Buttercup, is shamefully rude and abusive to her family’s farmhand, Westley, until she realizes and confesses that she loves him. He goes off to seek his fortune so they can be married. Then she hears that he has been killed by the Dread Pirate Roberts. Devastated, she knows she will never love again. When Prince Humperdink discovers her and asks her to marry him (or die), she acquiesces. But before the wedding she is kidnapped by a giant, a Spanish swordsman, and a “genius.” She is kidnapped, or rescued, from them by “the man in black” after he successfully matches swords, strength, and wits and overcomes them. Prince Humperdinck, comes after them and Buttercup agrees to return with Humperdinck in exchange for Westly’s release. Westly was later tortured by Humperdinck and 20 years was sucked out of his life. But Westly came back to life with the help of Inigo. And Westly later find his true love Buttercup and they…show more content…
The cover of the Silent Gondoliers cites as its author "William Goldman, as told by S' Morgenstern" and the title page says "the Silent Gondoliers, A fable by S Morgenstern author of the Princess Bride". There is even an "about the author" note at the back which relates biographical information about S' Morgenstern with no mention of Goldman. The cover of the Princess Bride cites its author as “S’ Morgenstern classic tale of true love and high adventure” and after writing the title “the Princess Bride” he wrote his name under the title. This shows that Goldman uses Morgenstern as an abridgment of the Princess Bride. What Goldman did was he wrote both books the same irreverent

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