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Silent Dancing Many immigrants come to America to find their dream for better job education, and benefits. They all have strong belief in American dream, and it is the opportunity to experience anther cultures and broaden their horizons. According to Silent Dancing by” Judith Ortiz Coffer”, Cofer writes about her and family’s experience in U.S. Cofer’s family lived hard in the United State because their cultures are different from the American culture, it is not easy for new immigrants to get use to living in American. The author of Silent Dancing, her family moved from Puerto Rico to New Jersey when she was a child. She struggled between the opposites her own culture and American culture for second generation of immigrant. Coffer’s father who decided to come to American tried to find a better job to get pay well and secure his children better future. By looking the word “assimilate” we could see how the immigrants integrate themselves into a new culture likes the author’s family tried to be more American and earn more money. As Coffer’s father joining the US Navy to get well pay, they all are doing this for making his family better lives. Communication is first step of living in a new culture, by looking through Coffers’ mother, she fears joining the American culture, because communication is the way to create culture and she is afraid to learn it. But the satirical thing is Coffer thinks she is a real American, and not a Puerto Rican, she even feels shame to speak Spanish. It is a serious problem for new generations to realize what is right for us to changing and assimilating what is wrong for us to make a self examination. Between dual cultures there have many concepts for difference generation to comparing and learning. Coffer’s father whom decided to leave their home from Puerto Rico to United Stat for making their future better by have a well paying job
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