Silent Dancing Essay

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Silent Dancing I really connected with reading Silent Dancing by Judith Ortiz Cofer. I was able to see some interchangeable themes and contrasts of ideas through out Gloria Andalzua’s peace How to Tame a Wild Tongue. My first connection with this peace was identifying with my grandmother. She is an immigrant in to this country for Italy. As I read the story, Silent Dancing, I reflected by on the stories that she would tell my brother and me growing up. Coming from Italy and finding a new home in New York was an impactful transition. She found confront in the familiarity of the neighborhood. (It was mostly Italians) As I read the story I could not help to think of Cofer’s mother and how she felt confront in the barrio but her father found it degrading. Was it my grandmothers choice to stay in the neighborhood or where they just being confined by society. Immigrants in American have a sense of pride and accomplishment through experience. On the other hand American, the land that was built by immigrants, is notorious for ostracizing minorities. Intolerance and injustice towards immigrant groups have repeatedly played a pattern in American history. Cofer reflects on her experience in the 50’s. Many people think that time has brought about social change. Time has done nothing. Discrimination and barriers for immigrant are still here, more so then ever. I have taken numerous trips to the Mexican/American border to help educate myself on the crises. Americans are still displaying widespread prejudice and discrimination to immigrants arriving from Mexico and South America. We see some of the same patterns with the increase in the population now that we did in the 1950’s. It is very clear that there are an increasing number of Hispanics integrating in to the U.S. There are many elements that exist in the growing number of immigrants. There are
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