Silence On The Court Essay

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Have you ever gotten more than you bargained for? Well I don’t like to put myself in situations that make me feel uncomfortable, but sometimes its hard to avoid. Whenever I volunteer to do anything I make sure it something I’ll enjoy, so when I found out that the YMCA was looking for volunteers to coach youth basketball, I jumped right on it. The YMCA is a nationwide recreational program that allows almost anyone to participate in its year around activities. I had volunteered before at the YMCA but this was my first time volunteering for a daily summer program. On the first day, I got all spiffed up. I put on my brand new black Nike Dunks, a pair of black Michael Jordan basketball shorts, and topped it all of with a neon pink Nike headband. No doubt I was ready to show off my skills. I strolled into the lobby and greeted a counselor at the front desk. “Good Morning I’m here to coach youth basketball for ages 8-12 I declared as she smiled back at me. “Morning, thank you for joining us today. We’ll be having a brief “meet ‘n greet” in the yoga room before we get started.” I followed her to the yoga room where I met a group of kids that to my surprise were all seated in a circle not saying a word. The silence was so loud that I began to fidget as I tried desperately to control my insecurities. They all stared at me with their blue, brown, and rare green eyes, yet they maintained their silence. I was relieved at the sight of the counselor finding the center of the circle to address the young crowd. My nerves began to relax themselves, but as I made another observation I realized there was still eery silence in the room. I panicked and almost broke my neck shifting my head from wall to wall of the room trying to see what was happening, when I noticed everyone was making unclear gestures with their hands. “Oh crap” I blurted out. I had unknowingly volunteered
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