Silence In 'Precious' By Nalo Hopkinson

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Silence becomes ordinary when courage is forgotten. The courage to speak up and the courage to live life the way one wants for him/herself is what breaks the silence. Most of the time, silence is learned and passed on by following the footsteps of a role model. From the stories we have read in class, every protagonist fights a battle of how to live their life outside the norms of their society. The character of Isobel in “Precious,” by Nalo Hopkinson, loses her voice, one of the most valuable treasures in her life, because she never stood up for herself. Her marriage with her husband becomes a failure due to the fact that she permits herself to be his object of abuse for sex and wealth. However, the protagonist in “Jonnieruth” by Becky…show more content…
For the first time in the story when Jude came to demand more jewels from Isobel, she denies him and says “…stop calling me Precious; my name is Isobel!” (P. 72). Finally, being able to recognize the beauty of her own name, she no longer felt a prisoner of Jude’s desire for sex and wealth. She finally sees the true preciousness of herself, her words! Isobel’s journey led her to finding the ability and the courage that she needed in order to express her true feelings. She became capable of confronting Jude by making him aware that he never loved her. Both Jonnieruth and Isobel lacked role models. Jonnieruth needed a role model to light the path of life, when she was facing a life changing dilemma. Jonnieruth’s curiosity to search for her role model started when she realized that “[i]t’s got to be places where it don’t matter to nobody if you all dressed up on Sunday morning or you ain’t. That’s how come [she] started saving money” (P. 9). However, it ended when she finally saw those two women kissing in the plaza. Her acceptance towards these women formed when she did not mind the outfit that the glamorous woman was wearing. She was happy to see that like them, she will not have to follow what her mother was telling her all

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